Visualize it: Michael Quinn Patton’s Principles for Facilitating Evaluation

As evaluators, we know that learning from evaluation occurs when the process is rooted in partnership and is accommodating to different learning styles. That’s why Michael Quinn Patton (Founder and CEO of Utilization-Focused Evaluation) and I collaborated to share key findings from Michael’s recently published book, Facilitating Evaluation, in a creative and engaging way. In his book, Michael outlines five principles for facilitating evaluation:

  1. Be guided by the personal factor
  2. Engage through options
  3. Observe, interpret, adapt
  4. Embed evaluative thinking throughout
  5. Facilitate to the leading edge
  • For auditory learners, tune into this MQPodcast which includes a conversation between Michael and me about Michael’s reflections on the book.
  • For tactile learners, take a look at some of the experiential learning techniques Michael describes in his book (some of which are included in the visuals below).
  • For visual learners, take a look at the visuals I created that detail the five principles of facilitating evaluation that Michael outlines in his book below:







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13 Responses to Visualize it: Michael Quinn Patton’s Principles for Facilitating Evaluation

  1. Laura Ahearn says:

    These are wonderful visualizations, Kat! Congratulations to both of you on the publication of the book!

  2. Kat these are extraordinary! Any chance you will offer them in high resolution/printing quality? Would love to put on my wall.

  3. Robin Kane says:

    Thank you both so much for illuminating these critical links between evaluation and learning. Are these visuals included in the book itself or are they supplemental to the book? I echo comments above that I’d love to have these in high-quality images. Thank you!

  4. KaYing Vang says:

    I stumbled across this website and love your images! I have Michael’s book, but it would be great to get your pictures printed out in higher quality / color. Any update about the availability of the high resolution images?

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