Visual Note-Taking 101 with The Lemon Collective

Hi everyone!

Have you ever wanted to explain something to someone but couldn’t find the words? Well, you’re in luck!  I’m teaching a course on visual note-taking with The Lemon Collective DC on Saturday, January 20th at 11AM! In this course, you’ll learn:

– How to use visual processing theory to improve your visual communication
– How to use visuals to boost memory retention, develop creative ideas, and share knowledge quickly & effectively
– How to draw out basic concepts and ideas
– How to tell a visual story with simple shapes, symbols, and visual cues

Recognizing visual patterns is built into us. You don’t need to be an artist to be an effective visual note-taker. Come ready to draw, be creative, laugh, and learn! This course is for both beginners and those who have experience with visual note-taking. Take a look at pictures from the last visual note-taking event below at The Lemon Collective. (Tickets sold out in two days so be sure to grab yours before they go!)

IMG_8561 IMG_8560 IMG_8559 IMG_8558 IMG_8557

Some examples of visuals you’ll learn how to draw: 
Decision-making LEARN_Insights_Visual (1) VN


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