USAID LEARN presents CLA in Practice: Putting Communities at the Heart of Learning and Adapting

On February 11, 2016, I had the pleasure of attending a USAID presentation that sought to highlight the successful uses of CLA in the field and share lessons learned widely across the development sector to promote learning. Emily Janoch, Senior Technical Advisor for Knowledge Management and Learning at CARE, led a session on, “Putting Communities at the Heart of Learning and Adapting.” She spoke about how CARE is utilizing a Participatory Performance Tracker (PPT) to work together with communities to adapt programs and get better results.

The tool itself allows communities to sit down and talk through what activities they are and are not doing across different areas of their work. Unlike standard M&E practices, the PPT is housed by the community where it is being used and presents a powerful opportunity for reflection and group cohesion. The PPT is a unique data collection tool because in addition to collecting valuable data, it also provides a space for community members to hold one another accountable, offer support and assistance, and air their thoughts or ideas about what is or is not working about a particular project. Take a look at my visual recap of Emily’s brilliant session below:








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