The Power of a Visual Narrative: A Collaboration with Innovation Network

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to share about a project I recently collaborated on with my old employer Innovation Network. We worked together to create a visual narrative of a really cool and interesting case study.

The visual narrative tells the story of how Parent Voices Oakland made important gains for early childhood education in Alameda County, California with support from Community Change. Parent Voices Oakland is a parent-led grassroots child care advocacy organization; they advocate for affordable, accessible, quality child care.

It’s a fascinating story that covers the challenges, tensions, and benefits for community organizations engaging for the first time or deeply in nonpartisan electoral work. Take a look at the full visual narrative below or download it here.

IN-visual-1 IN-visual-2 IN-visual-3 IN-visual-4 IN-visual-5 IN-visual-6 IN-visual-7 IN-visual-8 IN-visual-9 IN-visual-10 IN-visual-11 IN-visual-12

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