The Ears (Not Eyes!) Behind Every Great Doodle

Hi friends! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been doing a great deal of graphic recording and wanted to share some of my doodles with you all. I attended the International Forum for Visual Practitioners Annual Conference back in July and had the opportunity to try my hand (literally) at graphic recording for the first time ever (see the first picture below)! I learned so much. I left IFVP2016 feeling so incredibly inspired by the brilliant and warmhearted graphic recorders I met during the conference. Since then, my mind has been buzzing with ideas for how I can use and share my graphic recording skills for good! The most important thing I learned at the conference is that being a good graphic recorder has nothing to do with your artistic abilities (really!) and it’s an easily teachable skill. It’s all about being a good listener. I’ll be doing some formal and informal graphic recording trainings (one of which will literally be taking place in my living room!) over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for the recap!

Doodlin’ at IFVP (my first graphic recording ever!):


Doodlin’ during an event at my full-time job (one of the many reasons why I love my job!):


For a closer look:




I also did some doodlin’ at a recent event that my friends hosted about the importance of intersectionality in social movements. To learn more about what we discussed, take a look below:


Until next time! Happy September, friends!

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2 Responses to The Ears (Not Eyes!) Behind Every Great Doodle

  1. Brandon says:

    Hi Katherine,

    What an amazing way to showcase both your drawing talents and vital information for attendees and other interested parties!

    I could not agree more about the need to take out old school ruled notebooks and pens, instead of whipping out laptops and netbooks while in class, at a meeting, or otherwise taking notes!

    Keep up the great – and ambitious – work!


  2. Awesome Katherine! I’m am amazed and envious of your beautiful work! I’d love to learn graphic recording. Hope you offer some online opportunities, or a session at a conference (AEA perhaps?). :-)

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