Technology for Data Visualization: Explanatory and Exploratory Uses of Excel

Happy 2016! I hope you all had a very happy and healthy New Year. Before the holidays, I participated in a session from TechChange’s course on Technology for Data Visualization, featuring the ever-wise Ann K. Emery. During the session, Ann explained how Excel can be used for both exploratory and explanatory purposes. Knowing the difference will save you a lot of time and energy! Excel is an exploratory tool because it allows you to explore different ways of looking at your data and can help you see trends or patterns that you may not have seen otherwise. Essentially, you can use Excel as an analysis tool and also for playing with your data. Excel can also be used as an explanatory tool because it allows you to use the charts or graphs you create to explain your message to your target audience. Ann outlines tips for using Excel for both exploratory and explanatory purposes below. To learn more about Ann and her data viz genius, be sure to check out her site. Until next time, friends. I hope your year is off to a great start!






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