Re-Imagining Visual Journalism: Illustrations of Malofiej 2019

Hi friends! I spent this past week in Pamplona, Spain at Malofiej 2019, an annual gathering of illustrators, journalists, and data scientists. I’m leaving the conference feeling inspired by all of the incredibly kind and incredibly talented people I met. Some of my overarching take-aways include: 1) start with your curiosities and develop the skills needed to answer them, not the other way around 2) the communication of a single message is more important than precision and 3) the more sensory, the more memorable. I’m inspired to engage more senses in my illustration and data visualization work. Take a look at the visual summaries I created of the conference below. 


Malofiej_2 Malofiej_6 Malofiej_3 Malofiej_5

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