Visualize It: Michael Quinn Patton’s Principles-Focused Evaluation

This October, I traveled to Denver, Colorado for the American Evaluation Association’s 2014 annual conference. In addition to enjoying Colorado sunshine, I took notes during the different sessions, panels and workshops that I attended. The set of notes below is from a presentation given by Michael Quinn Patton during the conference. With Michaels permission, I’m sharing these notes on Principles-Focused Evaluation in the hopes that it will be useful to evaluators who are interested in learning more about how to incorporate principles-based thinking into their evaluation frameworks.

If you are interested, Michael has recently published a new book that makes for the perfect holiday gift and/or heavy weight to lift in order to get shape for the holidays (Michael’s joke).

MQP Principles-Focused Eval Page 1

MQP Principles-Focused Evaluation Page 2

MQP Principles-Focused Eval Page 3

MQP Principles-Focused Evaluation Page 4

MQP Principles-Focused Evaluation Page 5

MQP Principles-Focused Evaluation Page 6I also had the pleasure of chatting with Michael about his ideas after attending the session.

Katherine Haugh and Michael Quinn Patton

You can download the full version of the notes here.

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  1. Ann K. Emery says:


    Thanks for your generosity in sharing your evaluation insights with us. I wish I could’ve attended Michael’s session, but this is a pretty great bonus for those of us who weren’t there in person.

    Thanks! Ann

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