#FailFest2015: A Commitment to Failing Forward

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the acclaimed 2015 Fail Fest in Washington, DC. Hosted by FHI360, Plan International, and TechChange, the event brought hundreds of international development practitioners together to share their failures in a fun and honest way. The biggest take away for me (aside from the fact that poop jokes apparently never stop being funny) was that #FailFestDC is an opportunity for us all to make a genuine commitment to failing forward. Being forthcoming about our individual and collective failures is an important first step, but turning failure into an opportunity to learn and grow is even more necessary. Now that we’ve opened the metaphorical can of worms and spilled the beans about our failures, what are we going to commit to do differently going forward? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thank you to all of the brave souls who offered up their own failures last night (listed below). Scroll down and take a look at the visual notes from the conference!







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