Dave Algoso on M&E for Organizational Decision-Making

This past week, I participated in a few of the Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation sessions organized by TechChange. Dave Algoso (@dalgoso) presented on M&E for organizational decision-making. Dave’s presentation expanded on a lot of what we covered at MERLTech 2015 and emphasized the need for more learning and adaptation when conducting monitoring and evaluation projects. I particularly enjoyed Dave’s explanation of the different levels of learning (individual, organizational, sectoral) and how to bridge the gap between those levels to promote learning beyond the scope of the project and for the benefit of the entire field. For more reading on ways to combine M&E with Learning and Adaptation (or MERLA, as Susan Davis (@improveinternational) from Improve International calls it), take a look at Dave’s post on this topic from M&E Tech 2014. Take a look at Dave’s suggestions for bridging the gap between M&E findings and organizational decision-making below!












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