Bottom-Up Peace: Everyday Peace Indicators Project

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to take a moment to share something I created in collaboration with The Everyday Peace Indicators Project (EPI). EPI creates everyday indicators of difficult-to-measure concepts such as peace, reconciliation, governance and violent extremism. The project is a cooperative, bottom-up endeavor. It takes, as a starting point, the belief that local communities are best placed to conduct research on their own communities because they understand their context best. The project operates via local NGOs; it sources the indicators from the communities themselves, and helps communities identify priorities, common goals, and learn from research findings about the indicators they identified.  Take a look at the visuals and animation (my first ever!) below that I created to describe this approach to measuring difficult-to-measure concepts. As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Thank you!

EPI-1 EPI-2 EPI-3 EPI-4 EPI-5 EPI-6 EPI-7 EPI-8 EPI-9 EPI-10 EPI-11 EPI-12 EPI-13 EPI-14 EPI-15 EPI-16 EPI-17


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4 Responses to Bottom-Up Peace: Everyday Peace Indicators Project

  1. I love the way you’ve explained this, and I love even more the philosophy behind it.

    Bringing back democracy and local relevance to outcome evaluation actually means bringing back validity as well as voice. Off-the-shelf measures invented by someone else for a different context very often miss the mark.

  2. Nzubechi Pantaleon Uwaleme says:

    This is great. We used it in class. If you don’t mind me asking: how did you create this? Was there a software or visualizing tool used?

    • Katherine.Haugh says:

      That’s wonderful. I’m so glad! I created it with a free app called Concepts on my iPad. I drew it by hand with an iPencil.

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