Re-Imagining Visual Journalism: Illustrations of Malofiej 2019

Hi friends! I spent this past week in Pamplona, Spain at Malofiej 2019, an annual gathering of illustrators, journalists, and data scientists. I’m leaving the conference feeling inspired by all of the incredibly kind and incredibly talented people I met. Some of my overarching take-aways include: 1) start with your curiosities and develop the skills needed to answer them, not the other way around 2) the communication of a single message is more important than precision and 3) the more sensory, the more memorable. I’m inspired to engage more senses in my illustration and data visualization work. Take a look at the visual summaries I created of the conference below. 


Malofiej_2 Malofiej_6 Malofiej_3 Malofiej_5

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Bottom-Up Peace: Everyday Peace Indicators Project

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to take a moment to share something I created in collaboration with The Everyday Peace Indicators Project (EPI). EPI creates everyday indicators of difficult-to-measure concepts such as peace, reconciliation, governance and violent extremism. The project is a cooperative, bottom-up endeavor. It takes, as a starting point, the belief that local communities are best placed to conduct research on their own communities because they understand their context best. The project operates via local NGOs; it sources the indicators from the communities themselves, and helps communities identify priorities, common goals, and learn from research findings about the indicators they identified.  Take a look at the visuals and animation (my first ever!) below that I created to describe this approach to measuring difficult-to-measure concepts. As always, I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Thank you!

EPI-1 EPI-2 EPI-3 EPI-4 EPI-5 EPI-6 EPI-7 EPI-8 EPI-9 EPI-10 EPI-11 EPI-12 EPI-13 EPI-14 EPI-15 EPI-16 EPI-17


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Strategic Design: Parsons New School Gathering of Thinkers & Doers

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice Mother’s Day weekend! Over the weekend, I was invited to participate in a Strategic Design Conference organized by Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York City. The theme of the conference was, “Convergence x Design: Strange Proximities and Unexpected Conversations” and it was exactly that: people from different sectors, backgrounds, and perspectives coming together to brainstorm ideas about how design can inform, influence, and empower. The conference was inspired by the radical, political, and social changes happening around the world and the role that designers can play as positive change agents. I’m humbled to have been able to participate. Take a look at the visual notes I captured of the conversations below!

Strategic-design-vis-1 Strategic-design-vis-2 Strategic-design-vis-3


And one important highlight:


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Learning Into Action: Visual Capture of AEA2017

Hi friends! Two weeks ago, I attended the American Evaluation Association’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC. I had the pleasure of working with Michael Quinn Patton in his session on Principles-Focused Developmental Evaluation and attending a few other stellar sessions. It was so great to see so many of you there and catch up on all of the cool and interesting evaluation work you are all doing! The visuals that I created during the conference are below. Happy reading!



4 6 7 3 2 5

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Visualize it: Michael Quinn Patton’s Principles for Facilitating Evaluation

As evaluators, we know that learning from evaluation occurs when the process is rooted in partnership and is accommodating to different learning styles. That’s why Michael Quinn Patton (Founder and CEO of Utilization-Focused Evaluation) and I collaborated to share key findings from Michael’s recently published book, Facilitating Evaluation, in a creative and engaging way. In his book, Michael outlines five principles for facilitating evaluation:

  1. Be guided by the personal factor
  2. Engage through options
  3. Observe, interpret, adapt
  4. Embed evaluative thinking throughout
  5. Facilitate to the leading edge
  • For auditory learners, tune into this MQPodcast which includes a conversation between Michael and me about Michael’s reflections on the book.
  • For tactile learners, take a look at some of the experiential learning techniques Michael describes in his book (some of which are included in the visuals below).
  • For visual learners, take a look at the visuals I created that detail the five principles of facilitating evaluation that Michael outlines in his book below:







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Together We Grow: InsideNGO’s 2017 Annual Conference

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Earlier this summer I attended InsideNGO’s Annual Conference. The conference was learning-focused, productive, and fun. Take a look at the visuals I created for the different sessions I attended below: INGO_4INGO_1INGO_2 INGO_3



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TRG’s Tips for Effective Facilitation

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer. Last week, I attended the Training Resources Group (TRG)’s Effective Facilitation training. I learned how to deal with difficult behaviors, how to create an environment for optimal brainstorming, and how to use the power of silence to drive reflection and learning. Take a look at the visual I created from day 1 of the course!



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Visual Storytelling at the 2017 Special Olympics Inclusive Health Forum

Hi there! A few weeks ago, I attended the Special Olympics Inclusive Health Forum in Washington, DC. I learned so much from the advocates, policymakers, and leaders in the room. Take a look below at some of the visuals I created for the Forum (if you can’t tell, I really enjoy what I do!)




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Beauty in the Eye of the Pen-Holder

Hi all! Yesterday, I helped TA a course at Johns Hopkins University on Improving Global Public Health Through Knowledge Application, Continuous Learning, and Adaptation. I led a World Cafe session on visual note-taking as an approach for capturing and sharing knowledge. I was so impressed by the skills and creativity in the room. There was a great deal of interest in the session, so I thought I’d share the visual note-taking handout I created along with the notes from the day. The notes below include presentations by Piers Bocock on Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA), Tara Sullivan on the S-Process, and Eva Schiffer on Net Mapping.




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Visual Landscape of Learning Agendas at USAID

Hello! It’s been a while. I hope you are all doing well. I’m so thrilled to be sharing the visuals I created for a recent report that my colleagues at USAID LEARN, Matt Baker and Laura Ahearn, wrote about the landscape of learning agendas at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). To learn more about the initiative, take a look at Matt’s and Laura’s blog post and stay tuned for more updates on learning agendas from USAID’s Learning Lab. Let me know what you think of the visuals below:


Learning_Agenda_journey (1)

LandscapeAnalysis_V9-imageOMBdefinition_visual (1)



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